Ph.D. Student Tian Yang Wins Challenge Award at Tsinghua University’s “President’s Cup” Innovation Challenge

On April 30, 2023, the tenth edition of Tsinghua University’s “President’s Cup” Innovation Challenge concluded successfully in the Jianhua Building of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management. Following intense competition, 15 out of 127 registered teams advanced to the finals, showcasing remarkable innovation and entrepreneurial potential.

Led by Ph.D. student Tian Yang from Tsinghua University’s Tian Bo Xue research group, the team introduced the development and industrialization of a national first-class new animal medicine, ” HEALITY,” targeting major economic animal diseases, particularly prevalent diarrhea. Through a captivating presentation and insightful responses during the competition, they demonstrated the project’s innovation, feasibility, and significant societal contributions, ultimately earning them the Challenge Award.

This competition not only highlighted the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial potential of Tsinghua University students but also emphasized the importance of innovation for societal progress. The successful organization of Tsinghua University’s “President’s Cup” Innovation Challenge provided a platform for students to showcase their creative and innovative projects. Additionally, it promoted the continuity and development of the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, infusing fresh vitality into the cultivation of future entrepreneurial leaders.